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Known Spanish artist Antonio López exhibits in Japan with Digigraphie

Known Spanish artist Antonio López exhibits in Japan with Digigraphie

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Three of the painting reproductions of the Spanish artist which will be exhibited in Japan have been produced and certified with Digigraphie by Epson.

One of the Masters of painting Realism in Spain, well-known artist Antonio Lůpez, exhibits his paintings in 3 of the most important museums of contemporary art in Japan: Bunkamura Museum (Tokyo); Museum of Arts in Nagasaki and Museum of Arts in Iwate (Morioka).

Lopez shows his work in these three exhibitions which will succeed in time, after produce three new printings with Digigraphie technique and the production of Unidad Můvil. Since more than one year, this studio has the Editor Digigraphie stamp in Spain, wich picks up a code of ethics of moral criteria related to quality, conservation and edition of produced works.

Thus, Antonio Lůpez works are shown with all the quality this art deserves. After his appearance in Victor Erice’s film “El sol del membrillo (“Quince tree sun”)”, this Realistic painter catched Japanese audience attention. His particular technique in painting art, slow production, looks like Japanese milenarian art, something that take roots in Asian archipelago.

In this retrospective of Lopez in some of the most important museums in Japan, people could see a selection of most representative works of the painter in his very initial days as Arts student until actual days, in all genres he really went deep in: oil painting, draws and sculptures.

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